Welcome Baby Joshua!

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More Videos

It has become increasingly difficult to take pictures of Caleb.  He won’t sit still and he won’t smile for the camera.  So, I’ve been taking a lot more videos to capture his personality.  Enjoy!

  • Playing with Cars: Caleb’s favorite toys right now are cars and trucks.  He plays with them for hours – lining them up, racing them down the track, pushing them along the floor.  He even sleeps while cuddling Ramone and Sarge from the movie Cars.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW_pxSvy50E

Enjoying the lights at Gaylord Texan in Grapevine.

Downtown Grapevine.  Caleb doesn’t really seem to care about the snowman.  He did, however, enjoy the light and music show.  The video is a little dark but Caleb had a blast dancing to the music.


Relaxing in Baby Joshua’s chair while drinking his milk.  I hope he knows that this seat isn’t for him!

In his Christmas jammies ready to open presents.  It took Caleb a few times to realize that all the presents under the tree were for him.  But once he saw that each package contained some kind of car related toy, he kept bringing them to me and saying “Open!”


Happy New Year!

Ready to party at Miss B’s 2nd birthday!

About to get sugared up with cupcakes and juice.  Yum!

Well, as most of you may remember, Yoon kept a blog (this one) for Caleb before he was born.  Naturally, he will be keeping a blog for Joshua before his arrival.  You can follow his commentary (including the labor and delivery) at http://kimfam.wordpress.com/


Breakfast with Santa

Coloring and eating bread while waiting for Santa.

Where is he?

Santa watching Caleb color.

Not impressed with Santa.

Yet another, unsuccessful picture with Santa.

Family Photos

We took some family photos with Brenna Lyn at the beginning of November.  These will be our last family photos as a family of 3!  I can’t believe that Baby Joshua will be here in only 10 weeks!

Caleb has learned the word “baby.”  But he uses it when he sees his own picture or other toddlers.  He even called his 5 year old cousin baby!  I don’t think he realizes that Mommy’s growing belly has his baby brother.  When I ask him to kiss baby, he’ll kiss my big tummy.  So sweet.

My sweet baby boy.

Already 2?

Caleb decided to start his “terrible twos” a little early.  This weekend he got 3 consequences after deliberately disobeying me.  I’ve been trying to use the word “obey” when I ask him to do something.  While I was on the phone with my sister, I told him to obey and his response?  “No.”  Despite all of that, he is still my sweet baby boy.  He still gives me a big hug and kiss goodnight and wants to cuddle after his consequence.

Here are a few pics of us playing at the park.  We had planned on a picnic lunch but needed a potty break, so we went to Daddy’s office (just around the corner) and ate our PB&J there.

Usually, Caleb’s favorite thing to do at the park is swing (he signs the word “swing” to me all day).  But this particular day, he decided that he would much rather play with the wood chips.


Yoon has been wanting to get Caleb a drum set.  I have vetoed that idea for now.  Here’s Daddy teaching Caleb how to play snare while watching the movie “Drumline.”